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T-Scan Occlusal Analysis
May 29, 2024

T-Scan Occlusal Analysis

T-Scan Occlusal Analysis for Precise Diagnosis

Technological advancements have significantly improved the way our Grand Haven, MI dentist, Dr. John Leitner, diagnoses and treats various conditions. One such advancement that has changed the way occlusal analysis is conducted is the T-Scan Occlusal Analysis system.

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What Is T-Scan Occlusal Analysis?

T-Scan is a computerized occlusal analysis system that provides precise and comprehensive data on occlusal contacts, timing, and force distribution within the dental arches. It consists of a handheld, USB-connected sensor that captures occlusal data in real time as the patient bites down on it.

Benefits of T-Scan Occlusal Analysis

The T-Scan system offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: T-Scan provides precise and detailed data on occlusal contacts, timing, and force distribution, leading to more accurate diagnosis of occlusal discrepancies.
  • Improved Treatment Planning: It offers your Grand Haven dentist an understanding of occlusal dynamics, aiding in the development of more effective treatment plans for restorative and prosthodontic cases.
  • Efficient Occlusal Assessment: T-Scan enables efficient assessment and adjustment of dental occlusion by providing real-time, visual representations of occlusal forces and timing.
  • Identification of Occlusal Interferences: It helps Dr. Leitner identify premature contacts and occlusal interferences, allowing for targeted adjustments to achieve optimal occlusion and improved patient comfort.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: By providing dynamic occlusal data, T-Scan contributes to improved patient care and treatment outcomes, resulting in enhanced overall dental health for patients.

How T-Scan Occlusal Analysis Works

When a patient bites down on the sensor, the T-Scan system records and analyzes the occlusal data, displaying it graphically on a computer screen. The information obtained allows your Grand Haven dentist to identify premature contacts, assess force distribution, and make necessary adjustments to achieve optimal occlusion.

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Learn More About Advanced Technology In Grand Haven, MI

T-Scan Occlusal Analysis is a valuable tool in modern dentistry, offering unparalleled insights into occlusal dynamics and significantly improving the accuracy of occlusal diagnosis and treatment. As technology continues to advance, T-Scan is expected to be increasingly vital in enhancing patient care and treatment outcomes. Schedule an appointment to experience the most advanced dental technology by calling 616-842-2850.